All Level Programmes

Designed for individuals at all levels who want to maximise their potential and progress their careers by delivering added value for their organisations.


IRCA Environmental Management System Auditor Conversion Course

This ISO 14001 lead auditor conversion training course has been developed to assist existing auditors of
other management system standards to understand how to carry out environmental management
system (EMS) audits.


ISO Internal Auditor Programme

Equipping candidates with the knowledge and skills required to perform internal audits against ISO 9001:2015 in accordance with ISO 19011 regardless of organisation or sector.


IRCA Certified ISO Lead Auditor Programme

Providing delegates with the knowledge and skills required to perform first, second and third party audits of management systems against ISO 9001:2015 in accordance with ISO 19011.


Certified Train the Trainer

This course is suitable for all levels of training professionals who wish to have their capabilities endorsed through formal certification.


Performance Management Masterclass

Develop the essential people-skills needed to support your team members to unleash their potential.


Transforming Performance

Supporting participants to develop, lead and manage change in today's tough and challenging economic climate to support continuous improvement at all levels. 


Applying a Balanced Scorecard Approach

Providing a management framework that succinctly reflects how your organisation is progressing on a wide range of measures, including: finance, customers and services, process improvement and people development.


Developing Business Excellence

Developing intrapreneurship capabilities to help participants to gain a practical understanding of key approaches essential for business growth and organisational development. 


Team Plus Programme

Supporting people who are developing in their first role as supervisors, team-leaders or first line managers.  Designed to provide a seamless transition for programme participants who now manage others.


Coaching and Delegating

Coaching and delegating are two essential management competencies that directly impact upon a leader’s ability to achieve results through people. If you lead others and are responsible for their development in the workplace.  This course will help you unlock their potential and empower them to achieve success.


Lexcel for Solicitors - Full Implementation Programme

Lexcel is the Law Society's practice management standard. It is an international standard for law practices to certify that certain standards have been met following an independent assessment. The Lexcel practice management standard is only awarded to solicitors practices who meet the highest management and customer care standards.

Some of the benefits of Lexcel accreditation include:

  • Improved client care

  • Risk management

  • Consistency of service

  • Lower insurance premiums

  • Improved staff morale

  • Compliance

  • Competitive advantage

  • Gaining new work

  • Increased profitability