Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is integral to everything we do and links with our values to ensure we consider our social responsibilities when developing our strategy under the following three overarching themes:

1.    Planet - how we minimise the impact of what we do on our environment.

We are committed to minimizing our impact on our environment.  We achieve this by continually reviewing how we deliver our services and adopt approaches that meet the needs of our clients whilst being mindful of how we, for example: communicate with our clients, use energy and resources, plan our travel arrangements and manage waste.

2. Place - Our “place” in our local community and how we impact on those around us.

We are committed to making a positive impact on our local community.  We achieve this by providing our expertise and resources to local community groups and not-for-profit organisations on a pro-bono basis or at discounted rates where appropriate.

 3. People – Responsible Employer, Promoting CSR Activities amongst our People

We are committed to being a responsible organisation that supports our people to unleash their potential fully and achieve personal, professional and family balance.  We achieve this by working with integrity and believe in effective teamwork to ensure shared ownership and empowerment of the individual.  We believe in helping each other. We give each other tireless support. We are fiercely dedicated to developing and coaching one another and our clients. Ours is an organisation of leaders who want the freedom to do what they think is right.