Front Line and E-Learning Programmes

Our Front Line Programmes are designed to support front-line staff and our and E-Learning Programmes offer a online learning for people at all levels.



Delivering Excellence for Front Line Staff

Promoting awareness and understanding of the key leadership and management factors supporting business growth through the delivery of process improvements and customer service excellence.


Time Management Masterclass

This course enables people to identify their current time management practices and identify techniques for improving their personal effectiveness.


Assertiveness Masterclass

Developing confidence and self-awareness to enable participants to use assertive communication skills in business and wider life situations.


Communication Skills

Enabling participants to maximize the way they communicate in both interpersonal and business situations.



Online learning provides a flexible addition to the way we can help support and inspire the development and effectiveness of everyone in your business.


Online Academy

As a member of the Academy you have access to all of the Management Direct online resources of the CMI (the world-leading professional body for leaders and managers).