Applying a Balanced Scorecard Approach



MindWise works to support those at risk of, and affected by, severe mental illness and mental health difficulties. The organisation offers a broad range of support that includes:

·       Lobbying and Campaigning to promote equality and respect for all.

·       Supporting and encouraging people to achieve their own goals and aspirations.

·       Promoting, recognising and supporting carers, families and friends.

·       Engaging with other agencies to develop first class services that represent value for money.

·       Holding recovery as core to all the services we provide and promoting the recovery ethos to others.

·       Developing the skills and knowledge required to manage personal mental health and the mental health of others.


Demand for health and social care is growing quickly in Northern Ireland, in line with the trends elsewhere in the UK. Four separate trends will combine to place pressure on the system in the coming years:

·         The population is both growing and ageing.

·         Early intervention and prevention have become a focus for health care – with limited additional investment.

·         New professional and management guidelines on what is required to provide high quality services exist to improve care, but can result in extra costs. E.g. The European Working Time Directive; the National Minimum Wage; The Charity Commission Good Governance systems and the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) Guidelines and the Northern Ireland Social Care Councils Regulation of the workforce.

·         Collaboration, partnerships and a steer towards an Integrated System for health care at all levels.

The senior leadership team wished to refine and develop their Strategic Vision (2017 -2022) in order to maximise the way Mindwise contributes to transforming lives and developing new visions for mental health.

Our team provided strategic level support using a Balanced Scorecard approach to facilitate new perspectives within the senior leadership team that supported them to identify clear priorities for the development of Mindwise.


Identification of key overarching priorities to support organisational growth and development.

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