100% Pass Rate on this Summer’s ACS Programme

Twenty-one aspiring coaches successfully achieved their award in coaching studies (ACS) further to their completion of this summer’s programme.  Congratulations to everyone who participated in the programme - every one of you has the potential to “unleash potential” for the people that you coach … Best wishes for the future!


Rising Stars at Monkstown Dental


Congratulations to Philip Burns and the team at Monkstown Dental Practice for achieving the coveted 2010 STAR award for implementing an impressive variety of improvements within their business.

The team implemented a broad range of improvement projects that:

- Saved the practice money

- Brought in more patients

- Improved customer service

- Streamlined processes

- Multi-skilled the workforce

Improving Standards within the Consultancy Profession


Well done Martin for being appointed Chief National Assessor for the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) award by the Institute of Business Consulting (IBC).  The CMC is recognised internationally as the professional standard by which consultants are measured.  Martin’s recent appointment to this honoured position is a truly remarkable achievement and signifies the degree to which he is recognised by the profession for his contribution to the development of standards of “good practice” for consultants and business advisers. 

Denis Rooney receives recognition


Congratulations to Denis Rooney who was awarded with the All-Ireland Award by the Institute of Business Consulting and the Institute of Management Consultants and Advisers for his extensive contribution to promoting co-operation and business development throughout the island of Ireland.  Denis Rooney is the current Chair of International Fund for Ireland and has contributed excessively in leadership and management positions across the public and private sectors. His most recent work as Head of the International Fund for Ireland (IFI) is truly inspirational.

The Academy is about to go live!


It’s finally here - we’re delighted to announce the launch of the Academy. The Academy is an online resource that’s completely devoted to enhancing the leadership and management capability of people across private sector industries, central and local Government and not for profit organisations.

Sign-up for updates now and you'll get access to our podcast on the Top 5 Tips for surviving and thriving in the current challenging economic climate.   


This a summary overview of the practical tips that have worked for organisations across a range of sectors.  Adopting the Top 5 Tips is a MUST in the current business climate. 

It's something we've never given away for free before... so we hope you find the content useful and applicable to YOUR business!

Early Years take their management systems to the next level



Congratulations all our friends at early years who successfully achieved the internationally quality accreditation IS09001:2008 in recognition of the effectiveness of their management systems and processes.

The six month project was supported by our team of process improvement and ISO experts who helped early years identify opportunities to streamline their management systems and processes and enhance overall operational effectiveness.

Management Direct - awesome resource for Academy members!


As a member of the Academy you have access to all of the Management Direct online resources of the CMI (the world-leading professional body for leaders and managers).


This is awesome stuff and provides mega-loads of practical tools, tips and guidance that we know you will benefit from.

The CMI have around 90,000 members in the UK alone and are one of the key drivers of leadership and management development in the world today. 

Here's an introduction to the Management Direct resources from Stanley Wallace of the CMI

AXA Direct Insurance take customer service to the next level


AXA Direct Insurance really take their customer service seriously – they’ve just completed the Delivering Excellence Programme with a 100% pass rate!  Sandra Lee (Programme Manager) comments:

“The team at AXA are passionately committed to putting their customers first and there were some really good examples of the levels of customer service excellence they’re developing that emerged during the course of the programme.  AXA don’t only take their customer service seriously, they’re pretty inspirational in their customer communications and marketing activity too… here’s a sample of the awesome stuff they’re doing to promote their iPhone app!”

Eligible candidates within the UK are currently able to access government funding for this programme.   It’s eligible for 100% funding which means it costs you and your employer absolutely nothing!  Contact our Programmes Director Fiona Rice fiona@nextlevelimpact.com for details!

Leadership in the Community


Congratulations to the 16 participants of the May 2011 Action Leadership and Teambuilding Programme for the Escape Project! The Escape Project supports young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to 'get on track' and improve their job prospects.  The programme helps participants to develop practical skills for the workplace and leadership and team-working skills for professional and personal life.  Best wishes for the future folks – you’ve really shown how you can release your leadership potential!

Star Award 2011 - enter now!


Get your entry in now for the 2011 Star Award!

Ok folks – we’re starting to get really excited about this year’s Celebrating Success event!

This is what last year's event was like - awesome!

Where? We're planning to host the Celebrating Success event in Stormont again this year!

When? September 2011 (we're waiting for confirmation of the exact date and will confirm in the near future)

You'll be getting your official invitation soon!!!

We’ll be giving this year’s high achiever STAR award to the individual who has used what they’ve learned on our programmes to make a real difference within their organisation. 

We're also giving away an iPad 2 to the winner of the 2011 Star award!
Get your entry in now by registering your details below!

Ok - I know that a lot of people who take part in our programmes are their own worst critics and tend to focus on what they haven't achieved and what they could do better... CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS - what have you learned? What have you implemented? What positive difference have you made to your organisation over the past year?

Cheers and see you in Stormont...

Lexcel made easy...


Lexcel Consultants Ireland UK

Martin Rice, Next Level Impact, heads up a team of top-ranking Lexcel consultants.  He is a Lexcel consultant and assessor who has worked with a broad variety of law firms, ranging from top London firms to small regional partnerships.

Part 1 Martin introduces a 'new way of looking at things' and explains how to use Lexcel as a lever for culture change to take your firm to the next level of growth and development.

Part 2 Martin gives and overview of each section of Lexcel and facilitates a panel discussion that focuses on how to ensure effective implementation.

Part 3 Continues the panel discussion on the impact of Lexcel on client care, case and file management and why most firms might be closer to Lexcel implementation than they think. Martin gives a step-by-step guide to achieving Lexcel.

Melanie Norbury - Chief Operating Officer at Hempsons gives an overview of the standards of good practice that are essential for legal practices in today's marketplace.

Leadership and Management - John Moloney of Glanbia honoured...


July got off to a great start with the annual joint award for ‘outstanding achievement in business and industry’. The award is made in alternate years by the Institute of Consulting Northern Ireland and IMCA in the south. Previous recipients have included Senator George Mitchel, President McAleese and IFI’s Dennis Rooney.

This year’s IMCA award recognised the achievements of Glanbia plc in developing from its origins in the Irish co-operative movement to current strong positions in key food markets and sectors around the world. The IMCA’s medal award was presented on Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 to John Moloney in recognition of his role as Group Managing Director of Glanbia plc over the past ten years.
The Award is made for outstanding achievement in overcoming a challenge or taking advantage of an opportunity in business and industry (may include NGOs, healthcare, public sector or the arts).


The criteria for selection comprise:
• demonstrable innovation in the nominee’s sector that led to increased profitability, productivity or new operating model
• demonstrable leadership by the nominee in an activity outside the nominee’s sector (e.g. voluntary work; philanthropy)
• meritorious services to business and industry generally (nationally or internationally)
• outstanding business growth
• proven entrepreneurship
• learning from failure

John (right) accepted the award on behalf of his team at Glanbia. Pictured on left is Martin Rice Chair Institute of Consulting in Northern Ireland alongside Tony O’Brien, President of IMCA.