The objectives of the programme are to enhance the candidates' knowledge, understanding and ability to positively influence the following core issues affecting organisational success:

  • What makes organisations successful
  • Leadership skills in the workplace
  • Delivering excellence through your processes
  • Delivering excellence to your customers

Outcomes of the Programme

The programme will enable candidates to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours that are essential in order for them to successfully deliver impact in the workplace.  This will lead to the following outcomes for candidates and their organisations:

1.      Identify the real needs of the organisation and its customers

2.      To understand the effects of personal image, actions and communication within the organisation

3.      To fully understand the role of a ‘leader’ in the organisation

4.      To explore different ways to resolve issues and deliver impact within the organisation

5.      Delivering excellence through practical improvement projects in the workplace

The DELIVERING EXCELLENCE PROGRAMME for Front Line Staff has been developed by our team of internationally acclaimed consultants and trainers to promote awareness and understanding of the key leadership and management factors supporting business growth through the delivery of process improvements and customer service excellence.   The programme is aimed at all staff who have the potential take their organisation to the ‘next level’.

 Module Delivery Mechanism 

The programme will be tailored to the specific needs of your business and delivered by our team of experienced consultants and trainers. 

In-House delivery is usually best suited to organisations who have between 10-15 participants.  We are completely flexible in relation to our in-house delivery format and can deliver at times that best suit the needs of your organisation and its people.

The programme is usually best delivered as series of 6 x ½ day workshops over 3 months (i.e. 2 workshops per month) and guided learning activities.

Each module will involve: lecture style delivery using Power-point, individual and group exercises, case studies/scenarios, good practice examples of ‘what works’ and a practical work-based improvement project to support the learning process and maximize impact on the workplace.

In order to ensure effective skills transfer to the work place, candidates will agree methods to demonstrate their competence following each module and record these in a candidate workbook.  This will be reviewed by the facilitator supporting the delivery of the module who will provide the guidance and support necessary to ensure the required level of competence is achieved by the candidate.

Entry criteria

We strive to minimize the barriers to participation on all our programmes.  It is likely that potential candidates who have not achieved O-Level/GCSE Maths and English grade C or above may not be in a position to fully benefit from the programme.  In such cases propose that an initial assessment is conducted to determine suitability.

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