Lexcel for Solicitors

 Lexcel is the Law Society's practice management standard. It is an international framework for law practices to certify that standards for legal excellence have been met following independent assessment. The Lexcel practice management standard is only awarded to solicitors who meet the highest legal excellence standards.  Our team has a 100% success rate of supporting law firms to achieve the standard. 

Some of the benefits of Lexcel accreditation include:

  • Improved client care

  • Risk management

  • Consistency of service

  • Lower insurance premiums

  • Improved staff morale

  • Compliance

  • Competitive advantage

  • Gaining new work

  • Increased profitability

Reasons that many firms fail to implement Lexcel effectively:

Despite the growing recognition of Lexcel as a practice management system of choice uptake of the standard has been relatively low.  Here are our expert’s top 5 reasons for this:

  • Overwhelm - many law firms are initially overwhelmed when they first see all the requirements of Lexcel and this causes them to give up even before they start!

  • Cost of implementation - In today’s marketplace, many practices are especially cost conscious and they believe that the cost of implementation will outweigh any benefits.

  • Time required – Many firms feel that the time spent implementing Lexcel will divert attention from fee-earning activity and are fearful of the consequences of this.

  • Resource availability – Not many practices can afford the luxury of having a dedicated ‘Lexcel expert’ within the firm and this means that they become unnecessarily stuck in implementation details.

  • Bureaucracy – Unless Lexcel is implemented in a streamlined and effective manner, implementation can become ‘bogged down’ with unnecessary bureaucracy and paperwork.

How we can help:

Our team of expert advisers have a 100% success rate supporting law firms to achieve Lexcel accreditation on their first attempt. We offer a comprehensive support package that includes, for example:

  • An initial diagnostic or positional review

  • Developing a tailored Lexcel support action plan for your firm

  • Video and audio resources

  • On-site staff training

  • Preparation of your office manual and related documentation

  • Internal file reviews

  • On-going consultancy support

  • Pre-assessment support

  • Post assessment review

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