Bespoke Management Training


The Errigle Inn ( has a long and established history as one of the best bars in Belfast and this was officially recognised by Belfast City Council when they awarded the Errigle the coveted title of “Best Bar in Belfast - 2010”.  The Errigle is a family-run business that wanted to develop the capabilities of the management team and to engage them at “a higher level” would allow for the expansion of people’s roles and more delegation from the senior management team.

The Journey:
Our team engaged managers at all levels within the Errigle and provided one-to-one executive coaching and a tailored programme of master-classes designed to review existing management structures, systems, processes and practices and to identify opportunities for enhancing the overall capabilities of the management team and their ability to positively impact upon organisational improvement initiatives.

Besides being awarded the Best Bar in Belfast (2010), the management team successfully took on new roles and responsibilities that allowed for successful delegation of some of the functions previously undertaken by the senior management team.  The senior management team were thus able to focus upon the strategic development of the Errigle and were able to delegate more operational day-to-day tasks and responsibilities to the general management team.