Lexcel made easy...

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Martin Rice, Next Level Impact, heads up a team of top-ranking Lexcel consultants.  He is a Lexcel consultant and assessor who has worked with a broad variety of law firms, ranging from top London firms to small regional partnerships.

Part 1 Martin introduces a 'new way of looking at things' and explains how to use Lexcel as a lever for culture change to take your firm to the next level of growth and development.

Part 2 Martin gives and overview of each section of Lexcel and facilitates a panel discussion that focuses on how to ensure effective implementation.

Part 3 Continues the panel discussion on the impact of Lexcel on client care, case and file management and why most firms might be closer to Lexcel implementation than they think. Martin gives a step-by-step guide to achieving Lexcel.

Melanie Norbury - Chief Operating Officer at Hempsons gives an overview of the standards of good practice that are essential for legal practices in today's marketplace.